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Design + Content

As a branding agency, Crackler specialises in the creation of engaging on-brand visual assets and unique content for distribution across multiple channels. We help brands find their mojo, engage the audiences that matter and build brand recognition.

Brand Assets

We start by ensuring your visual identity assets, communication frameworks and brand guidelines are polished and ready to be shared across multiple channels, formats and media types.


Once your core brand assets are in place, we can look at developing further assets to help streamline marketing initiatives and improve brand recall. Here's where we would consider things like style guides for photography / videography, website content, social media assets, email marketing templates, stationery suites, presentation templates, signage, advertising templates and packaging.

Campaign Direction

Before the cameras are rolling and the first word is typed, it's a good idea to have a plan. With our knowledge and experience we can identify the channels, formats and mediums are best suited to your objectives, so when it comes time to create content no time or budget is wasted guessing what will work. We not only develop the content plans but we also manage the production for omni-channel campaigns, ensuring that your valuable original content can be purposed across a range of formats and media types.

Graphic Design + Advertising Creative

Crackler has a wealth of expertise in the design of print and digital advertisements. Whether it's industry standard applications or something entirely unique - we've got you covered. We have proven experience producing omni-channel digital advertising solutions along with placing 3DAP compliant media with major publications all across Asia Pacific, the US and UK.


Can't find the right words? We offer copywriting services for any medium. Website content, social media plans, digital advertising, SEO, blog posts, newsletters - if it needs words, we can write them.

Styling + Art Direction

Mood boards and storyboards are our best friends when planning and creating creating visual, photographic and video content. In pre-production, we work with you to develop a mood, story, style and direction to guide content production. It's all hands on deck during production where we oversee art direction and styling to achieve the desired outcomes.

Photography, Video + Motion Graphics

We use in-house resources and collaborate with a network of photographers, videographers, editors and animators to provide our clients with the artistic talent that best fits the project and brief. Storyboards, run sheets, art direction, styling and production are all managed by Crackler.

Point of Sale + Storefronts

Storefront signs and in-store promotional material can be designed for traditional print mediums and digital display, as well as custom requirements for unique features such as murals and specialty merchandise. There are numerous mediums available now that can elevate the impact of classic store and venue design - talk to us to find out how to get the most from your designs.

Publications + Lookbooks

We love creating large multi-page publications that look beautiful and wow the reader. We design glossy brochures, annual reports, lookbooks, sales portfolios, destination guides, and magazines; recommendations for stock selection and speciality print techniques are included as part of the design process. We can also digitise any of our designs to be published as eBooks or interactive flip books.


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Shopping centre signage for Louis Vuitton's Time Capsule exhibition at Chadstone in Melbourne, Victoria and Louis Vuitton campaign advertising at bus stop.

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