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Consultation + Strategy

At Crackler, we stay on top of new trends and innovation and love fusing fresh concepts with sound strategies. We especially love working with businesses and organisations at the beginning of their brand marketing journey. Drawing on extensive experience that spans a diverse range industries, we develop comprehensive strategies to get your brand noticed.

Brand Strategy

Behind every great brand is a strategy that guides the way a business or organisation builds identification and favourability with customers - past, present and future. A successful brand strategy improves customer loyalty, drives brand awareness and inspires word-of-mouth referrals.


Crackler brand strategies inspire connection through the development of a brand voice to communicate core values and personality, paired with a creative direction to visually reflect the essence of the brand.

Marketing Strategy

We see a lot of briefs that request the full spectrum of marketing products; the straight-out-of-a-textbook, bee's knees approach to marketing. These tactics may work - if you are made of money - but in reality there is no one-size fits all approach to marketing and not all initiatives work for every business.


When we work with our clients to create a marketing strategy, we focus on the marketing tools that will kick goals whilst considering financial and time budgets. A deep dive into the industry, audience, competition, customer profiles and key objectives results in a resource to guide future project plans, marketing briefs and creative direction.

Creative Direction

If you already have a sound marketing plan but are looking for that extra 'wow' factor, a little creative direction may be just what you need. Building on your existing plan, we can enhance your strategy with a creative twist that weaves storytelling, technology, experience and design into a unified approach unique to your brand.

Short-Term Campaigns

Events, product launches, seasonal campaigns, milestone celebrations etc. We've worked on countless short-term campaigns and know how to deliver to a tight deadline. We also know how to assist clients manage their deliverables by putting together campaign plans that ensure on-time delivery while allowing for the odd curve ball.

Long-Term Campaigns

Long-term brand awareness campaigns require as much focus as their short term cousins and are essential for fostering brand recall and trust. We develop long-term campaign strategies designed to measure success, adapt to changes in trends, build B2B and customer relationships while also keeping content and messaging relevant.

Brief Builds

Nailing the brief is a term usually associated with the end result, but, nailing the development of the brief itself is equally important. Well crafted briefs that are clear, concise and complete with all relevant technical requirements will save you time, money and frustration in the future. If you are finding it difficult to convey your project needs, get in touch with Crackler. We can help draft briefs that result in accurate quotes, minimal revisions and the confidence that everyone involved is on the same page.


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The Parkes destination brand logo incorporated with a photo featuring two women looking up at a mural of a young girl reading a book.

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