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Branding + Communications

At Crackler, we design memorable brands to help our clients stand out from the crowd. To complement your logo and identity system, we can develop branding frameworks to guide internal marketing efforts and high-impact visual communications that build brand recognition, trust and loyalty.

Brand Identity

A Crackler logo design and branding package will provide you with the resources to deliver your brand message across a variety of print and digital marketing applications. Our process begins with understanding your brand history, personality, purpose and values so we can craft a visual identity that reflects your brand.

Logo Design

Something we love to do! Here’s a few recent logo designs our team have worked on.

Visual Identity Packages

Corporate stationery suites, communication templates, storefront design, vehicle wraps, signage, uniforms, social media assets - anything that needs your mark. We provide professional visual identity packages tailored to your requirements.

Brand Story

Exploring and defining your brand story can guide the way management, employees and consumers view, discuss and interact with your brand. Brand identity and brand story go hand-in-hand to create the foundations for all brand communications from top-level internal discussions to PR to advertising campaigns to sales tools. At Crackler we delve into your brand story to produce consistent communication guidelines for your relevant departments and audiences.

Brand Guidelines

We know that consistency across all internal and external branding and communications is essential to foster brand recall and trustworthiness. Our comprehensive brand guideline manuals encompass both style and story guides to ensure consistent delivery of brand message, campaign creative and design collateral. Can be purposed for in-house use only or as a resource for external marketing professionals.

Campaign Creative

Specialising in developing campaigns that provide a new flavour, without compromising brand integrity, Crackler have been trusted with the management of campaign creative for many internationally recognised brands. We can develop your strategy and manage production for print & digital advertising, social media campaigns, email marketing, outdoor signage and more.

Mockup of food truck displaying Westholme branding.

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Shopping centre signage for Louis Vuitton's Time Capsule exhibition at Chadstone in Melbourne, Victoria and Louis Vuitton campaign advertising at bus stop.

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Mockup of printed and digital material including business cards, t-shirt and mobile wallpaper designed as part of the Maitland City rebrand

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The Parkes destination brand logo incorporated with a photo featuring two women looking up at a mural of a young girl reading a book.

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Bicycle and building featuring the Yoga Body Works branding developed by Crackler.

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