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Branding + Communications

At Crackler, we design memorable brands that help our clients stand out from the crowd. To complement your brand strategy and visual identity, we develop robust branding frameworks to guide internal marketing efforts and high-impact visual communications to build brand recognition, trust and loyalty.

Brand Strategy

Behind every great brand is a strategy that guides the way a business or organisation builds identification and favourability with customers - past, present and future. A successful brand strategy improves customer loyalty, drives brand awareness and inspires word-of-mouth referrals.


Crackler brand strategies inspire connection through the development of a brand voice to communicate core values and personality, paired with a creative direction to visually reflect the essence of the brand.

Brand Identity

Once we've defined your brand values, personality and tone, we get to work designing a brand identity that accurately represents your brand and encourages brand re-call.


Much more than just a logo design, a Crackler brand identity package provides you with the resources to ensure your brand is promoted consistently across all media, channels and marketing applications.

Brand Story

Exploring and defining your brand story guides the way management, employees and customers view, discuss and interact with your brand. Your brand story and brand identity go hand-in-hand to create the foundations for brand communications. Consistent, meaningful messaging is what sparks emotional connection with your audience and inspires brand loyalty.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency across all internal and external brand communications is essential to build brand recall and trust. Our comprehensive brand guideline manuals encompass both style and story guides ensuring consistent delivery of brand message, campaign creative and design collateral. Guidelines can be purposed for in-house use only or as a resource for external collaborators and marketing professionals.

Visual Identity Packages

Visual identity packages are tailored to suit individual requirements. Branding frameworks for marketing and communications, advertising templates, labels and packaging, stationery suites, storefront design, vehicle wraps, signage, social media assets - we design on-brand assets for anything that needs your mark.

Campaign Creative

Specialising in developing campaigns that provide a new flavour, without compromising brand integrity, Crackler have been trusted with the management of campaign creative for many internationally recognised brands. We can develop your strategy and manage production for print & digital advertising, social media campaigns, email marketing, outdoor signage and more.

Mockup of food truck displaying Westholme branding.

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The Parkes destination brand logo incorporated with a photo featuring two women looking up at a mural of a young girl reading a book.

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